CROSS Kids +

There is a need to have something for the children to do after church while their parents are fellowshipping with each other. Since a lot of the women are working in the nursery, perhaps the men and the other women not working in the nursery could take turns acting as chaperones for a half hour (max 45 minutes) after church each Sunday in the courtyard when weather is fair or in the CrossKids room when the weather is foul. Similar to the teaching schedule for Cross Kids. There would be activities that the children could occupy themselves with and the chaperones would maintain order and manage the activities and interactions between the children. The courtyard would need to be cleaned up and a container could be placed there to hold the games and keep them out of the weather. Rubbermaid has several that are chest like that are weatherproof. Perhaps we could also invest in a picnic table or two to put out there if the children wanted to play board games, cards or draw or color. They could provide seating for the chaperones and also serve a dual purpose if a group wanted to host something outside.

This way the fellowship in the sanctuary would be more pleasant and everyone could hear each other better. Plus the safety issue of children running around the adults would be averted.

Possible outdoor games

Gud Football, Baseball & Darts Sports

Ring Toss

Corn Hole

Basket Ball – hoop & ball

Chalk Drawing

Lawn Darts

Hop Scotch

Jumping Rope

Possible indoors activities for foul weather:

coloring (long pictures)


board games – age appropriate – candy land, shutes and ladders, clue

card games – go fish, crazy 8’s, old maid, uno

competition games for the older ones